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The Culture of Corruption

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

This transcript is from an editorial I had broadcasted on my local radio in 2013: old story, good message, still relevant.

Detroit City: another entity operated by the government has been forced to file for bankruptcy. This brings to 8 cities and 36 municipalities in the United States alone filing. Now let’s add in countries like Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain who have been spinning out of control but who are now trying to regain financial stability after their elite's foolish overspending. A Professor of Political Science asked me, “Don’t you think that the elite should run the government?” I said yes, but I want to validate that yes with this subclause: the average citizen must have at their disposal the ability to restrain those elite when it is obvious that they are out of or have lost control. Unions have brought us to the point of too many elite unionized civil servants being overpaid. In the words of Mark Ash, the CEO of TransPro Consulting, there also exists, among too many government organizations, the Culture of Corruption. The Culture of Corruption is the acceptance among government elite to pay a fellow worker more than he or she is worth so that you can pretend to justify your own exorbitant rate. This has led to more than just extremely overpaid civil servants but also ridiculous buy-outs for too many departing civil servants. Therefore, as Mark Ash states - a city or country’s bankruptcy is a self-inflicted wound. Canada, our turn is coming.

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